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Stream Notes - Wednesday - July 3, 2019

Learning Python from Scratch 002 - Getting Started (MacOS)

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The timestamps link to the video on Twitch at that point in the recording. If you’d like the YouTube link above will have similar timestamps and link to those same points in the recording as well.

Timestamp Topic
00:05:47 Kick it off
00:08:11 Recap of progress from last stream
00:11:55 Cecil share’s how he uses Bing and the benefits
00:14:04 Homebrew and what it is
00:21:01 Start discussion on trying new tools and tech
00:24:01 End discussion on trying new tools and tech
00:25:31 Using homebrew to install tools
00:39:04 End installation and setup options on MacOS
00:39:15 Setting up hello world with virtual env
00:43:57 Adding in helpful Python VS Code extensions
00:44:10 Starting hello world on Mac in VS Code
00:48:30 Explaining the hello world code
00:57:30 Start explanation of indexes in arrays
01:03:36 End explanation of indexes in arrays
01:06:01 Using type() in python
01:17:50 Assigning values for variables
01:23:17 Loops in Python
01:34:56 Starting Introduction to Python from
01:38:19 Continuing community
01:46:38 Python Conventions
01:54:26 Anatomy of a Python Program
02:04:20 Stream Recap (created by @Yegnaro)
02:05:08 Closing, recap and raid @InstaFluff

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