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Stream Notes - Wednesday - July 24, 2019

🐍💻 Learning Python from Scratch 004 - Functions

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Timestamp Topic
00:09:19 Kick it off
00:18:20 What is mark? How can I help? (created by roberttables)
00:19:05 starting to discuss functions in Python
00:34:09 Function Contents
00:37:52 coding some functions
00:48:17 trying to write functions in odd ways
00:49:22 positional arguments
01:08:37 function indentation
01:12:02 pep8 guidance on functions
01:14:25 bye Cecil
01:19:54 back from break and doing a stretch
01:20:06 back from break and doing a stretch
01:21:39 Pumping Iron (created by Yegnaro)
01:25:32 Back to Functions (created by Yegnaro)
01:31:16 Default Keyword Arguments (created by Yegnaro)
01:34:03 @hackur suggested challenges on stream (created by roberttables)
01:40:36 function keyword arguments order matters
01:54:34 Don’t pass a mutable type like a list as a default argument (created by roberttables)
01:55:09 What’s a marker? We’ll learn this next in a future episode about lists (created by roberttables)
01:58:38 Python does support type hinting (created by roberttables)
02:29:11 end of Python session

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