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Stream Notes - Wednesday - October 2, 2019

🐍💻 Learning Python from Scratch 013 - Exceptions and Tracebacks

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Clips are a feature on Twitch that let you cut and capture segments of the live stream in the moment (up to 60 seconds). See how to use clips on Twitch for more details. The following are some fun moments captured from this stream:


Links not working on Twitch? It’s most likely because Twitch will only save my stream recordings for about 60 days. Use the YouTube link at the top of this page instead.

This table helps point out different segments of the stream (highlighted in bold) or moments we learned something (not bold). The timestamps link to the video on Twitch at that point in the recording. If you’d like the YouTube link above will have similar timestamps and link to those same points in the recording as well.

Timestamp Topic
00:06:07 Kick it off
00:13:11 Recap from last episode
00:28:41 Python recap
00:33:54 Begin learning about exceptions and tracebacks in python
00:44:07 Via @Cas_9 learned we can copy paste the exception class from the traceback
00:59:10 From colorama import Fore, Style to color output from program (created by @Cas_9)
01:05:09 Use “except” without an exception type to do a “catch all” errors
01:07:42 Via @TenshiOni we can catch multiple specific exceptions by wrapping them in parenthesis
01:15:34 An underscore before a variable or class name is a common convention throughout various programming languages that means something is not “open” to be used outside of its module or code (created by @TenshiOni)
01:15:35 Learning about exit vs. non-exit exceptions
01:32:49 Learned about
01:33:05 Learned about “else” and “finally” clauses (thanks to ShephiZaragoza and TenshiOni )
01:37:27 Learned why “finally” is used with “try” “except”
01:57:47 Back from break and learning about sharing our code on GitHub
02:18:27 Using common git commands
02:19:29 How to use “git status” and “git add”
02:20:59 Using .gitignore to ignore files from source control
02:22:34 How “git diff” works
02:24:59 How to use “git restore” to remove a file or folder from being tracked
02:29:30 Learned about “git commit” with message and “git log”
02:31:50 Learned what “git push” does and how to use it
02:33:39 Link to repo:
02:36:18 Learned what “branches” are
02:50:51 Start wrapping up and recap

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