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Stream Notes - Wednesday - November 6, 2019

🐍💻 Python, Electronics and Microsoft Ignite - Learning Python from Scratch 017

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Clips are a feature on Twitch that let you cut and capture segments of the live stream in the moment (up to 60 seconds). See how to use clips on Twitch for more details. The following are some fun moments captured from this stream:


Links not working on Twitch? It’s most likely because Twitch will only save my stream recordings for about 60 days. Use the YouTube link at the top of this page instead.

This table helps point out different segments of the stream (highlighted in bold) or moments we learned something (not bold). The timestamps link to the video on Twitch at that point in the recording. If you’d like the YouTube link above will have similar timestamps and link to those same points in the recording as well.

Timestamp Topic
00:07:48 Kick it off
00:16:40 Talking about VS Code online announcement
00:17:44 Link to visual studio code online:
00:37:04 Exploring/trying out an actual instance of VS Code online
00:46:26 Using the Device Simulator Express extension in VS Code online
01:14:05 Quick break (created by @roberttables)
01:16:09 Back from break
01:16:23 Clarkio’s presentation at Ignite 2019 on circuit playground using visual studio code online (created by @bocajslive)
01:53:38 Ignite presentation end (created by @bocajslive)
02:01:59 Learning about Microsoft MakeCode tool for programming
02:33:40 How to create a Pull Request on GitHub
02:39:30 Begin wrapping things up and raid another stream

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